A consolidated online meeting solution with an adaptive, smooth, and secure video environment.

Near Dashboard

Powerful and exciting Features

Near is designed to surpass the barriers of space and time, enhance productivity using collaborative learning techniques, experience efficient conferencing using advanced features deploying cutting edge technology and IoT implementations.

Spotlight Features

Spotlight feature allows host speakers to come center stage encouraging engaging discussions and collaborative sessions.

Break out Rooms

Tackle complex problems and prioritize tasks in a reliable, secure way by creating separate rooms for exclusive discussions and internal communication of teams.

Individual Whiteboard

Allows each learner to input their data on their individual whiteboard making a real time experience in the session enabling interaction and synergy.

Top Tech. Top Security.

NEAR with its highly secure and protected meeting, chatting, and communication features allows more than 300 participants to take part in any meeting in an effective manner.

Live Polls

Any question towards the participants is automatically generated as a poll which gives an instant understanding of the knowledge level of participants and feedback of the ongoing meetings.

Moderator Features

Schedule, invite, and host meetings; view attendance, share documents, control collaborative features for hassle free experience and recording features for future use.

Safe / Secure / Private


Round table discussions foster dialogue, and critical thinking - allowing progress in the board room, business or classroom to take place. Captivating audio/visual presentation with frictionless user interface. Impressive and flexible functionalities for rewarding personalized experience in organising social events, workshops, webinars, live classes, online presentations, customer meetings, launching & announcements

Dedicated Dashboard For Easy Collaboration.
near app display
Dedicated Dashboard For Easy Collaboration.
near app display
Safe / Secure / Private

The future is NEAR!

Near App gathers geographically dispersed people virtually around a circle, giving sit at a round-table experience giving way for multiple users to join at once, make independent choices, and share experiences as a group enabling space for experiential learning that offer unparalleled engagement.

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About NEAR

Today, all businesses depend on building ecosystems with the right collaboration to succeed.

In spite of the space you live in, the best communication and collaboration platform builds synergistic relationships that form strategic partnerships in a business ecosystem.