About NEAR



Today, all businesses depend on building ecosystems with the right collaboration to succeed. In spite of the space you live in, the best communication and collaboration platform builds synergistic relationships that form strategic partnerships in a business ecosystem.

The NEAR brings your organization ecosystem as near as your fingers. Your scattered ecosystem is inside NEAR enabling swift adaptability resulting in escalated productivity by speedy and resilient changes to shifts and trends. Near provides a deep level of integration between collaboration applications to support seamless conversational experiences to improve productivity in people’s workflow and processe

Digital transformation was developing at a moderate pace until the spread of the COVID-19 across the globe. The deadly and infectious corona virus has accelerated the digital transformation, maybe a decade or more, ahead of schedule. It has challenged the traditional set up of face-to-face lectures in a classroom and forced educators to shift to online mode of teaching. Leading universities and schools have taken measures to remain agile and adapted existing strategies to improve their student experience. NEAR brings about significant changes in the mode of online learning and communication with its best user friendly collaboration tools and engagement methods making learning fun and effective. Near now disseminates knowledge, across borders and all parts of society, reaching everyone.

Through Near, you are now integrated organically with your ecosystem.

Dedicated Dashboard For Easy Collaboration

near app display
Dedicated Dashboard For Easy Collaboration.
near app display