User Guide

NEAR User Guide

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The dashboard is a visual display of all your data. The main intention of it is to provide information at a glance such as meeting schedules, upcoming meeting details etc


Join a meeting here by providing the meeting details

Join a Meeting in Near Conference

This page lets you create an instant meeting.

There are several tabs in the settings tab, including Meetings, Recordings, Profiles, etc.

Near Settings

The NEAR chat feature allows you to message individuals or groups. Documents, voice messages, photos, and videos can be included in the messages.

The scheduled meetings feature allows you to schedule upcoming meetings in the future.

Near Schedule

The organizational hierarchy refers to the process of structuring an entity in accordance with the level of authority at which it is in charge.

Oraganisation Hierarchy

The Screenshare feature can be used to share a device’s screen with another device or multiple devices at the same time.

The polling feature allows you to create single choice or multiple choice polling questions for your meetings.

The participants can meet in smaller groups, with audio and video completely separate from the main meeting.

The Nearboard is the primary interactive element of a virtual meeting. This is a whiteboard that allows you to upload files, draw shapes, type text, and do anything else you like.

Teachers and students can share notes through the Sharedboard in real time.

In videoconferencing, the host/presenter can present documents using the Manage presentation feature.

The purpose of “My notes” is to take down the points discussed during the meeting.